-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Decisions, decisions. SOAR choices.

'tis the season to dither over SOAR class choices.

I change my mind almost every day…

Deb?? She’s my spinning hero. Maggie?? My mentor & guiding light, but right here in town. Judith & Nancy? How can you beat that combo? We all know I only spin laceweight these days.

And the list of great teachers & workshops goes on and on…

I've narrowed it down a bit through a process of elimination - from the thought that other people should have the same great experiences I've already enjoyed.

Maggie's spinning classes are never a bad choice, but I think it's tremendous that others can get the same great foundation I started with. And I can drop by the LYS anytime. Deb - always *so* much fun, but I pretty much have the drum carding and color thing down now ;) Having taken her 3 day class twice, plus at least one other, better to let new people learn to commune with their carders. Sarah's going to be teaching Cut Pile here in August, so that one is covered. Rudy's class - newer spinners would benefit more. That's a third down, only 7 classes debate between.

The comes choosing Retreat sessions. Which 2 classes out of the fabulous variety to pick?

It’s too hard. SOAR should be 2 weeks just so I can fit everything in.

-the redhead-

…eeeny, meeny, miney, moe…
Tags: spinning
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