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09 May 2008 @ 06:57 am
Credit Card Fraud - Annoying!  
Yesterday morning I found out someone had made unauthorized charges to one of my cards this week. Thank goodness I took a look at my online statement - prompted by the email from my cc company that it was ready. So I have to go through the hassle of closing out my account, cutting up my card, and having them issue a new account & card. The gal was very nice and made the process as easy as possible.

This whole thing is quite annoying. I certainly did not order a vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner this week.

I’m just glad that I hadn’t bought that plane ticket to Black Sheep Gathering earlier in the week as planned - that would have been a huge pain in the butt to deal with while trying to close this acct. On the other hand, this was the card I was going to use. +grumble+

Yanno, if they had ordered fiber related things I might not have noticed…

Please check your statements.

-the redhead-