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31 May 2008 @ 09:39 am
Springtime, Fleecetime  
It's Springtime, when a gal's fancy turns toward... fleece :)

So far, we've only picked up some corrie & corrie cross from one of the local growers.

This is Daphne 2008 - 3 yr. old corriedale ewe, grey variegated, 4.5" staple length, 6.5 lbs, Twin Peaks Sheep and Wool Co., Longmont, CO

This is Zoe 2008 - rambouilette/corriedale lamb, white, 4.25" staple length, 6.5 lbs, Twin Peaks Sheep and Wool Co, Longmont., CO

Plus a couple of other gals in the group each bought a rambouillet that same weekend. We are going to share the fleeces amongst the group so we all get a variety of lovely wool to play with.

I've very excited about the cormo coming from Sue at the Cormo Sheep & Wool Farm in CA. I snagged a superfine black fleece (Raven) from her. She is also me sending a couple of lovely white fleeces, including one that went Champion White and overall Reserve Grand Champion at the Sacrament Wool Show. I promised her I would enter them in the handspinning fleece show at Estes in a couple of weeks.

Then there's Clyde fleece at Estes. I spent a few hours a couple weekends ago helping Sharon sort and select the show fleeces. Fun stuff - we'll see how good my choices were at the fleece show. I have my eye on two or three for our little group of spinners to share. Just have to see how close to the front of the line I am ;)

-the redhead-
(Anonymous) on June 6th, 2008 06:00 pm (UTC)
I'm a real sucker for that corrie crimp! And in grey - simply gorgeous!