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Fleece, fleece, everywhere! Estes 2008 swag.

Remember this?

Here's the fleecy details:

2008 Grand Champion White fleece, 632 - cormo, ram, white, 5.75" staple length, 7.15 lbs. It's lovely and I have a +ton+ of it. Undoubtedly some of it will be sent off to Morro for pin drafting.

When laid out properly, the staple length is an amazing 5 3/4".

625, 2008 - cormo, ram, white, 4.5" staple length, 6 lbs, which won a second place (to the Grand Ch) at Estes. This is the kind of crimp people dreeeaaam of.

Raven, 2008 - cormo X, ewe, black, 4.5" staple length, 4.5 lbs. This is the nicest, finest black fleece I've ever seen - check out the crimp!

Here's my 2 Clyde Specials. While I may be a fine fleece fan, this is the fleece I love to spin. All these fleeces have great handle, good luster, lovely crimp, and spin like a dream. This type of fleece is very versatile - I can comb it, put it through the carder, and it blends very well with other fibers.

510 2008 - corriedale x (Clyde Special) ewe, white, 4 " staple length, 8.5 lbs, 2008 Estes Park Wool Market.

307 2008 - corriedale x (Clyde Special) ewe, grey variegated, 4 " staple length, 7 lbs, 2008 Estes Park Wool Market.

How could I resist this rose grey ramb lamb fleece?? The handle on this fleece is lovely. I have the fleeces of some of this guy's relatives in my stash from past years. Belmont 2008 - costwald x corriedale ramb lamb, moorit (rose grey), 5 " staple length, 4.5 lbs, 2008 Estes Park Wool Market.

Spinners Choice awarded by -the redhead- at 2008 Estes Park Wool Market. This fleeve also went Reserve Grant Champion Colord Fleece. Andrew 2008 - costwald x corriedale ramb, moorit variegated, 4" staple length, 8.5 lbs



-the redhead-
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