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The saga continues

This whole car wreck thing continues to be highly annoying. If I have to talk to any more +stupid+ people I’m going to start shouting.

Last week’s recap:

Sideswiped a week ago last Sunday by an old lady during a left turn. After being stopped at the light and waiting to make a left turn. A clearly marked double left turn with lights, signs, and freshly painted turn lanes through the entire intersection. To make it even better, it’s the old lady from out of town in a rental car. Seriously, should this woman even be driving? Especially a large Infinity FX35?? The nice State Troopers came, told me I wasn’t at fault, and gave her a ticket. I took pictures and had my insurance co. on the phone before the Troopers even showed up.

Monday morning - I call my local agent, who proceeds to do +nothing+. Her contribution was to give me the 800 number and tell me the other party’s insurance should cover it since she got a ticket. Wow – so helpful. I become annoyed, but remain polite. I call the 800 number (which I had done on Sunday) and leave message. No one calls me back. Not helpful.

Monday afternoon - I receive message from their insurance co., call back, leave message. No one calls me back. At least I have the claim number.

Tuesday morning – still nothing from my idiots. I call their idiots again & end up speaking to someone who is not the claims adjuster (out of the office) who can’t really help me. She tells me they haven’t heard from their insured yet, so cannot give me any information. They assure me someone will call as soon as they speak with their insured. I’m still friendly and polite.

Tuesday afternoon – +Finally+ get a call from my ins. Co. – some local (Ft. Collins) guy who doesn’t have a clue. I emailed him copies of the accident report I have. He will check into the claims with my insurance and their insurance. Hey, at least someone finally called me. No one can tell me about coverage, tho my guy does tell me while I do have rental coverage, they will only pay for it if they total my car. !!

Speak with their idiots, who won’t commit to anything re: a rental car. They haven’t heard from their insured yet. Yes, they have ordered the police report, yes they realize my car is undriveable, no they won’t do anything. It’s my risk if I choose to rent a car. I called them back at the end of the day – still no new information.

I have no way to get to work for the rest of the week, so I rent car from local Enterprise branch. The branch manager is extremely nice, helps me out, provides a lot of info, and gets me on the way in the little white car. So far he’s the most helpful person I’ve dealt with.

Wednesday - I speak with their idiots, who tell me they still haven’t heard from their insured. They can’t tell me anything, will call as soon as they do, blah, blah, blah. My guy calls to tell me he left a voicemail for their ins. co. but still doesn’t have answers to the other questions I had asked him. I’m still polite.

Thursday – Nada. Not a peep from either my guys or their guys.

Friday – get a call from my guy saying he’s still working on it. No useful information. No contact from their idiots re: whether they’ve even spoken with the old lady who hit me.

Saturday – I receive form letter from their ins. co. (dated Monday) saying they had been trying to reach me, please call them ASAP. Trés ironic considering they haven’t +once+ contacted me. I become more annoyed & call them. that my claim had been assigned to a local agent (surprise!), and that there is a ‘question of coverage’. But they cannot explain anything further. I will have to speak with the field office. They aren’t open on the weekends. I once again point out my car is undriveable. They won’t do anything about it. So we went to see HellBoy II & had great milkshakes at the Ruby’s Diner.

This week’s fun:

Monday morning – I give everyone until 10:30 am to get with the program. No one calls. I become more annoyed, so I call and have a couple of emphatic chats with my idiots and their idiots. I neither swore nor raised my voice, but was very pointed.

Their idiot tells me he’s ‘very sorry’ no one got back to me all last week. Telling me they ‘should have’ called me back doesn’t mean a thing. Find out that they +had+ spoken with their insured on Tuesday prior to my last call to them, and they knew there was a debate about her coverage. Gee – that would have been nice to know, hmmm? I might have made different decisions about the rental car and such if I had known.

I told him the failure of their procedures needs to be addressed and I don’t want to be responsible for the additional rental car fees because they couldn’t get a grip. That they had not told me until today there was a coverage question (different from a liability question, apparently).I point out to him +again+ that my car is undriveable and ask what they are going to do about it? Are they going to cover my rental? He hemms and haws a bit, then spews some fantastical theory about how there’s still a question of coverage. He tries to tell me even tho that old lady is a named insured on the policy, she may not be covered because she rented the car. Somehow, however, if her son on the exact +same+ policy had rented the car she would be covered, but they don’t have that information yet +snort+ How does that make any sense?

He assured me he was trying his best to get that information, although he couldn’t give me a timeline. Oh yeah, and how, based on the police report, it’s ‘leaning toward’ she might be responsible for the accident. I told him they’d had plenty of time, they needed to get it together, and that he +would+ call me with regular updates. By the end of the conversation he was calling me “ma’am”.

Then I called my guy and had a similarly emphatic (tho polite) conversation with him. I just started out by recounting my conversation with the other insurance co. He was stupid enough to ask me if I had requested to speak with a supervisor to try to clear this weirdness up. BZZZT! Wrong answer, thanks for playing. I explained they are my insurance company, I paid them for a reason, they are supposed to be my advocate, and all this stuff is +their job+. Not my job to waste time making these phone calls. So they’d better get on the stick with this. I then detailed all the things I expected him to do. It’s never a good sign when I get quieter and start talking in bullet points.

I thought we were getting somewhere until he said ‘we don’t want to make the claim because we don’t want to raise your rates’. !!! So we had another little chat about how I was not at fault, the other driver was ticketed, and I’d be happy to write a letter to the insurance commissioner. That’s when he started calling me “ma’am”.

They should pay me for training this guy. I should not have to tell him to do things like checking with Hertz to see who they were claiming against and getting a copy of her policy. I also threw out that if the old lady’s insurance co. says she was not covered, then as an uninsured motorist I’d be +happy+ to ensure she got a ticket for that infraction as well. That’s 4 points, a $500 fine, and a mandatory court appearance in Colorado. In her state if you get 4 points in 12 months they suspend your license.

Monday afternoon – they both called even tho they had no new information.

Tuesday afternoon – my guy called to tell me they had decided to cover the other driver in her rental car, so now they will proceed with determining liability. There shouldn’t be a big question since she got a ticket and I did not. He assures me he will follow up with them tomorrow and get back to me. I didn’t even have to get emphatic again – yeah.

Wednesday morning – My guys let me know they have determined the other driver was totally at fault due to improper lane change & she was ticketed. Something about going over the facts of Colorado law with a claims adjuster. Buuuuut they couldn’t give me the name of the person they spoke with. Oh yeah, and they won’t send me a copy of the police report. +sigh+

Shortly thereafter I rec’d a call from the other drivers ins. co stating they are going to cover her, but now they need to determine liability. Yes, they have the police report, yes they have all the other claim information, but now they need pictures of my car to proceed. Did I take any pictures? Of course I did. That’s what she said they need to proceed with the claim. Great! I’ll be happy to email them over right away while we are on the phone – what’s the address? Then their insurance idiot told me they won’t accept the pictures by email, I will have to put them in the mail. For security reasons. ??!??! What, because the USPS is so much more secure than email??

She never answered why they need pictures of my car to determine whether their insured is liable – it’s not like they don’t have copies of her ticket and police report. Well, I wasn’t going to play that game. If they are going to make it hard, then +they+ can spend the time and $$ I told her if they wouldn’t let me email the pics over, then they needed to send someone over to take pictures. I’m fine with them spending more effort and $$ on this whole thing. I figure they are going to pay for the rental anyway, so what’s a couple more days? Besides, if they were going to be that suspicious I didn’t want to get caught in the middle. I got emphatic again.

So someone is supposed to call & set up an appointment. It’s 4:45 – somehow I don’t think it’s happening today, hmmm? I’ll give them unit 10 am tomorrow.

Just call me ma’am…

-the redhead-
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