-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Will this never end?

Yannnooo, I just want my car back.

5 weeks I've been trapped in this bad dream.

They are still holding the Scooby Doo hostage, leaving me with the tiny rental car. Apparently they cannot figure out why the light for the pneumatic suspension remains on. This is a concern because the the pump is located in the area of impact above my wheel well. They repaired some lines which had been kinked, but are unable to determine the source of the light's unhappiness.

5 weeks...

Then there's the fact the guy at the auto body shop didn't listen to what I said when I dropped the car off. I +specifically+ told him the check engine light came on, and I wanted them to investigate. I may not be automotively astute, but am certainly smart enough to read the idiot light on the dash. He, however, thought I was referring to the suspension light. Then he tried to convince me that they were the same thing. Yeah, riiiight. I am +not+ that stupid. The upshot is he's promised to have them look at that too.

5 weeks...

I have been nice, I have been polite, I have given people every opportunity to do their jobs. I have been patient. But they all +really+ need to pull it together.

I forsee they will start calling me ma'am again.

-the redhead-
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