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Calligraphy & Illumination books for sale

Edit - the entire collection has been sold to a good home. Thanks for your interest.

I have decided to sell my collection of C&I books. I'm happy to gain suggestions on anyone who may be interested or any ways to get the word out to interested people.

Amongst other items, there are copies of:

- the green hardcover Book of Kells (Knopf, 1988 ISBN 0-394-56859-1)

- the large hardcover folio version of The Grandes Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry (Thomas, Bibliothèque Nationale, 1971 ISBN 0-8076-0613-8)

- hardcover From Durrow to Kells, The Insular Gospel-books 650-800 (Henderson, 1987, ISBN 0500234744)

- the hadcover Gottingen Model Book (University of Missouri, 1972 ISBN 0-8262-0261-6)

- hardcover The Art of Calligraphy Western Europe and America (Whalley, Bloomsbury Books, 1980 ISBN 0-906223-64-4)

- paperback SOTHEBY'S - LONDON. Sale 6 December 1993: Catalogue of Western Manuscripts and Miniatures

- hardcover SOTHEBY'S - LONDON. Sale 29 December 1960: Fifty-Nine Illuminated Manuscripts Dyson Perrins Collection

- hardcover The Book of Kells (Sullivan, The Studio Ltd, 1955)

39 books in total. List available upon request.

-the redhead-
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