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interviews & moving

Well, as of yesterday afternoon I was still in the running for the position I interviewed for - thanks so much for all the good thoughts.

I spoke with the department manager today, who said they are still meeting about the position. He said when there is more than one highly qualified candidate it makes the final decision much tougher. At this point it's all about personality and nuance and such.

My 2nd interview went well. Only 5 pages of questions and 2 scenarios this time ;) I met with the same folks, as well as an additional person from another department. I think they liked what they heard, and we had some lovely chuckles.

I'm pleased (and a bit surprised) at the thoroughness of their process. The department manager called every one of the references I gave (more than the standard 3) and had substantial conversations with them all. They even went to my website and viewed my tutorial videos. I hope that's a helpful thing :) One of the gals is a knitter - it set a nice tone when she brought that up at the beginning.

I had a nice chat with my mom this evening to let her know what was up. In a +completely+ uncharacteristic move, I asked her to put me on the beads. It was amusing that I managed to render her speechless with that one ;) I was worried for a second, but then discovered she was thrilled at my request. I apparently got that one right. She is firing up her network of friends as I type.

So, now I wait. And hope. But at least I know I have the right stuff.

In the meantime, I'm busy playing pack mule as I move to my new home. Last evening's entertainment was driving oh-so-carefully over to the new place with stacks of pretty green dishes riding in the back of my car, as I wasn't about to wrap and box all of them.

-the redhead-
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