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Well, son of a..... buck! Mom at ER twice today, now in hospital.

Part the first - 4:30 pm

Well, son of a..... buck!

My mom phoned me this evening to talk orchids. I was expecting to hear from her, as I had left her a message earlier about my orchid having 'housepets'.

Tricky woman tried to slip the fact she broke her ankle this morning into the conversation. +After+ we had talked about orchids for 10 minutes. Trying to be all casual and such. Argh! Why does she do this to me? She tries this hit and run thing with surgeries too. Like I'm not going to notice that part of the conversation?

Typical mom, broke her ankle and then spent an hour and a half delivering orchids before going to the ER with one of her companions in orchid crime. Not to mention not calling either my brother or myself +sigh+

The ER gave her a temp cast, a walker, and instructions to go to her orthopod tomorrow. She said she has a few days to get in to her Dr, according to the folks at the ER. I disagree, and have offered to call her Dr's office tomorrow morning for a chat if they can't fit her in right away.

So, now that I'm done with the venting...

Is anyone in the Lancaster area aware of any dependable home care services in town? I've advised Mom to ask her doc for a home health aid 'prescription', but want to be prepared in case that approach doesn't work out. Mom lives alone, with her 80 orchids and 2 cats. Naturally, being across the country, I'm concerned that she has some help with the daily things and stays off her feet. That's the trick, as she will +undoubtedly+ try to do too much.

Suggestions for home health care sources, or even trusted housekeepers/services gratefully accepted.

-the redhead-
...breaking out the Ben & Jerry's...

Part the second. 8:30 pm

Well, Son of a B*tch!!!

I love my mom dearly, but she makes me CRAZY.

She's now on her +second+ trip to the ER for the day. She was trying to be all tough at home with her broken ankle, doing things she shouldn't, fell, and hit her head. I'm grateful that her neighbors called right after the EMTs hauled her off.

The ER is going to keep her at least overnight, and I am waiting on CT results. She at least needs a couple stitches in her head and they need to look at that ankle again. I have asked the nice folks in the ER to contact me with results, but you know I will have to just keep calling. I figure I'll give it a go in another 2 hours.


I did get her on the phone in the ER & told her I love her. They'd already given her some happy juice, which is why I left a message with the tech.

No sleep for me...

-the redhead-

Part the Third. 11:30 pm

Just had a lovely chat with Mom's night nurse. The good news is all her films (head, chest, spine, shoulder, leg) are clear other than the ankle issue. They have a request for ortho consult in, which will take place tomorrow am. I asked them to notify her various Dr's offices (ortho, neuro, heart, GP, etc.).

She's being tough again (!) and refusing to take any meds. I told the nurse that when Mom says she's 'fine' to take that with a few grains of salt. As evidenced by her 2 trips to the ER in 12 hours, hmmm?

They've put a note for the Dr's to call me in the am with an update, so I should make sure to be up and about by 5:30ish.

We will have to figure out what to do about care and such. I will be having several conversations with her healthcare providers tomorrow, and will not take no for an answer to the home health aid. The questions are how much care does she need (more than she thinks!) and for how long? I'm also going to have a chat with baby brother about going for a few days.

Of course, I have to figure out who's going to pay for that, as I'm not up to date on what Tricare covers these days.

-the redhead-
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