-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Lazy days and Sundays

Yesterday was a completely lazy day for me.

Mmmmmmmmm. The warm snuggly bed held me captive until 10, after having woken at 4 and 6. It's good to sleep in on occasion.

I made blueberry muffins for me and the roommate. Yummm - nice warm muffins right out of the oven smothered in sweet butter.

Then I got to spend several hours in the garage playing with wood *smile* I got the second nightstand all sanded and the first coat of finish on. Only another sanding and the final coat to go. There's just something about doing that which is soothing. The smooth texture of the warm wood under my fingers. The faint tang of the sawdust. A task which requires some finesse, but little thought after all these years. So I cranked up the turkish tribal CD and turned off my brain for a little while. I just was. Me and the wood.

I'm sure, however, that my neighbors across the way thing I'm weird. Can't not dance when I hear the drumming.

I've been getting lots of email lately. Some of my own doing (trying to meet new people - eventually I might figure out what to say...), but also some from the local drama. Why people want me to come play is beyond me. Advice and support I will give, but the drama part can do without me. It's just a bunch of self-serving he said, she said crap. Finger pointing. Blowing things out of proportion. Personal affront. Drawing lines in the sand sort of things. The signal to noise ratio is very low. *sigh* I suppose that's what happens when a bunch of intelligent people are involved, but they should also understand the concept of working together as well. So I've shared my ideas regarding how to fix things, or at least halt the plunge into the abyss and move on. We'll see what happens.

I thought about stuff quite a bit yesterday. There's a lot to think about, actually. Life stuff, work stuff, me stuff. Priorities, opportunities, chances... Got to ramble thru some of it with Vips on the phone *smile* That always helps. So it's time to go back and look at all the other things I dumped in here last week - time to have those conversations with myself.

Quote of the day - 'Yes Diego, it would be *so* difficult to look into your pretty pretty eyes and flirt with you.'

-the redhead-
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