-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

I want...

Today someone asked me what I want. It's not the first time they asked, so perhaps they really want to know.

It got me thinking.

I want...

- warm chocolate cake with chocolate frosting melting on it and a big glass of ice cold milk
- a hot bubble bath
- a new job
- a warm bed with soft sheets and a body that fits to lean against
- Sanity, stability, friendship, comfort, and love
- to get out of the house more
- a whole weekend like I almost had
- pretty flowers
- to be able to trust without thinking
- the pain in my head to go away
- it to be August; June; December (yes, in that order)
- a day at Ten Thousand Waves, or better yet a weekend
- to be someone's first thought when they wake
- a spotted Bengal kitten
- to not have to weigh every penny
- an ankle-length black leather duster
- new adventures
- to 'Wow!' at least 1 person
- a pony*

-the redhead-
... dunno if playing my cards way close is a good thing or a bad thing some days...
Tags: musings
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