-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

And they come again

The demons of my conscience visited me in the night, as they always do.

They come to tell me the things that I need to know, the things that I rationalize away, the things that I ignore, the things that I deny. The things that I need to see. The demons know when I am most susceptible to them, most vulnerable. When my mind is not clouded by other, petty concerns.

They are my best friends and my worst enemies.

They were harsh with me, as merited by my resistance of late.

What you want does not matter
Yes, I know that.

Then why do you indulge yourself?
I am weak. I got caught up in something... different. special. a little bit magic.

Don't be selfish. There are concerns far more important than your insignificant self involved.
Yes, I know. I will do the right thing.

You were given the gift of sight for a day. Appreciate that you got that much.

-the ice princess-

"I want to be," she said, and the fierceness in her own voice shocked her. "I want to be simple! I do."
Tags: chris, musings, quotes
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