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24 April 2003 @ 07:52 am
And they come again  
The demons of my conscience visited me in the night, as they always do.

They come to tell me the things that I need to know, the things that I rationalize away, the things that I ignore, the things that I deny. The things that I need to see. The demons know when I am most susceptible to them, most vulnerable. When my mind is not clouded by other, petty concerns.

They are my best friends and my worst enemies.

They were harsh with me, as merited by my resistance of late.

What you want does not matter
Yes, I know that.

Then why do you indulge yourself?
I am weak. I got caught up in something... different. special. a little bit magic.

Don't be selfish. There are concerns far more important than your insignificant self involved.
Yes, I know. I will do the right thing.

You were given the gift of sight for a day. Appreciate that you got that much.

-the ice princess-

"I want to be," she said, and the fierceness in her own voice shocked her. "I want to be simple! I do."
Ko'Shall Viperkoshall on April 27th, 2003 09:53 pm (UTC)

I find it curious that you identify them correctly as demons, and yet you still bother to listen to them, and in a lot of cases, believe in what they tell you.

*hugs tight*

Demons cannot tell us the truth about ourselves, they can only torment us with half truths, and things that sound like they should be right. Especially at our most volunerable moments.

What you want does matter, and you are not weak.

It's perfectly alright to be a little bit selfish with what you want. It's alright to have something for yourself. I know it is, it has to be... if it wasn't, then what am I doing moving to Ohio?

I may not have been a very good example of anything except how to fuck up your life up until this last year, but now take a bit of example from me. You are every bit as deserving of happiness as the rest of us, and chasing that ideal is not bad, wrong, or something you should avoid at all costs. You might not need to go at it with quite the fervor that I do... *giggles* ...but don't write it out of your life either.