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Sleeping on the couch

I've taken to sleeping on the couch of late. It's not with the intention of doing so, as I always start the evening in my bed. But on any given night, sometime between 11 and midnight I end up throwing on some clothes and heading downstairs. I usually end up crashing out from about midnight to 4ish, waking, and crawling back into my bed and dozing until 6ish.

Last night I think it was because I'm not feeling well. The last 2 weeks of work and life have taken their toll. *sigh* So today I'm exhausted, achey all over, and have a headache the size of Texas. Even my eyeballs hurt. Moving to the couch is an old habit from having been married. You know, consideration for your partner by not keeping them up all night thrashing and coughing and such. Funny, actually. Now that I look back I see that I would go sleep on the couch to avoid disturbing T**, but it never quite worked the other way. I suppose that would have been easy enough to notice - how come I didn't for so long?

There's something to the safety and security that sleeping on the couch provides. Being able to snuggle up in a space that's just big enough. Sinking down into the soft cushions. The back of the couch is most important, tho. Something to lean against. You can almost fool yourself into thinking that there is someone there, that you are not all alone. That you are safe and cared for.

One of the parts of sleeping on the couch that also helps is being able to leave the TV on. The low murmur of voices in the background is very soothing, instead of the deep, resonating silence of an empty room. Again, it's the illusion that there are people there with you that it conducive to sleep.

-the redhead-
... who told roommate 'If you aren't going to coddle me and tell me that you love me, then I don't want to talk to you'...
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