-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-


Just had a *lovely* conversation with the ex...

Once again to be yelled at. Once again to be told that I never contributed anything and was just a drain on resources. That I'm fat and ugly and stupid. Once again with the threats to call the police on me or sue me.

There was a *reason* I hung up on you the first time, fuckwit. And the second time. Third time's a charm, huh?

And only after that to be informed that all this was because I turned off your email address on *my* domain.

Your lack of planning for this predictable eventuality, and subsequent loss of that nice job because they could not reach you is Not My Problem. You were the one stupid enough to quit your job.

There is a reason you are my EX husband.

Why do I even try to be nice and polite?

I feel an evening of tears in the tub coming on.

*sigh* *bangs head*

-the redhead-
...has a headache now...
Tags: tim
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