-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Heard from a friend today

Got a call from Brett today - from Kuwait!

He sounds well, tho I worry that he's going to be working in Bagdhad *frown*. We had the usual conversation - 'It's hot and dirty, I'm tired all the time, Miss you, Be safe' sorts of things.

I asked him what he wants me to send him - boxers and laundry soap! And something to read, as well. So I will go shopping this weekend and pack him and his buddies a box full of stuff. I hope it won't take a month to get to him.

Interesting factoids for the day:

- there is a WalMart in Kuwait.
- *all* McDonalds throughout the world *must* accept US dollars in payment.

-the redhead-
...good little officer's daughter...
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