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When it rains it pours

Good weekend *smile*

Other than losing an hour (and a bit of frustration) to a set of really bad directions, it was very nice. Easy to deal with. No ruckus. Relaxing and fun. Made me smile. Made me feel like a human being again.

It was good that we just hung out and chatted and had a few beers at the event. Lots of laughing and joking. More than a bit of ducking all of the things that we 'should' have been doing. It just doesn't get much better than sitting under a pavilion having a nice, relaxed time with friends. Warm sun, cool breeze, cold beer, warm laughter. *smile*

Had not one but two dates over the weekend. Wow!

J***** came over on Saturday evening *smile* Had a very nice evening with dinner from one of my favorite Chinese restaurants and we watched (most of) Moulin Rouge. I hadn't seen it prior to that, and didn't realize that it was so funny. Ewan McGregor was awesome. Well, okay, perhaps I'm a little biased... *grin* John Leguizamo was hysterical. I will have to watch this movie again when I can devote my full attention to it. We went to the Whetstone for brunch on Sunday morning - yummy!

C***t dropped by on Sunday evening. I'm stilled surprised at myself for inviting him *grin* But as it turns out it was a good thing *smile* Had a very enjoyable evening ordering in and watching Shrek and Pulp Fiction. Got to pick on G** a little bit in the process - always a bonus. The quote of the evening (while in search of dessert) was 'Got any whipped cream? *I reached into the fridge and pulled out a can* 'Great, that's all we need.' *grin* Sharing the pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie was fun. C***t has such pretty eyes...

I had forgotten how important time with people is. Not just chatting and laughing, but physical contact as well. I have been isolating myself from that I think. Not consciously, really. Maybe it's a protective mechanism of some sort. Camouflage. It's easier to... ignore something you don't have if you really don't have it at all? Locking those needs and desires in a box, along with the other things which live in boxes. The Ice Princess. Old habits and patterns of behavior die hard. Not that I don't think there is a place for that in my life. But perhaps I need to take the chances and not always hide to avoid being smacked. I'm thinking that making room in my head (at least) outside of the boxes for romance might be a good thing.

The weekend was a good one, and I filled up on hugs and such *smile* Hopefully enough to carry me for awhile.

Also got to talk to my other sweety on the phone too *smile* How in the world did I go from no one to 2 sweeties and someone I find intriguing in the space of a few weeks?? It's a mystery. But that is a thought for another day.

-the redhead-
...doesn't feel fat and ugly today...
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