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Interview me, Chapter 3

If you want me to interview you--post a comment that simply says, "Interview me."

Here are my answers to blaisepascal's questions:

1. Obviously, from your LJ name, your user icons, and the various pictures of you you've posted, your hair and hair color is very important to you. How do you think being a redhead has affected your life? I ask as one redhead to another.

Growing up a redhead is tough. Always the center of attention, always treated differently. 'What a cute little copper top!' 'Where'd she get that hair?' People always had a comment, always wanted to touch the hair. There is a lot of baggage that comes along with being a redhead. Not looking like the other kids is *bad* when you are young, when *all* you want to do is fit in with the rest of the crowd. You just want to be like everyone else. Kids are the worst when it comes to teasing and such. I remember being singled out and tortured by the kids for my auburn curls. 'Carrot top' 'Freckle face' The names were endless. Not to mention that the moment something went wrong, a teacher's eyes zeroed in on the most noticeable of their students… It's a lot to put on a little kid.

There are plenty of stereotypes that are associated with being a redhead. Expected to be temperamental and unreasonable. Expected to be vibrant and larger than life, in some ways. Smart. Sharp and witty. 'Fiery Redhead' 'Feisty' 'Dangerous' 'Sensuous' 'Aggressive' 'Bad-tempered' 'Quick to anger' 'Red on the head, fire in the hole' The stereotypes go on and on.

My favorite is 'Are you a natural redhead?' as a stranger stares at your crotch…

I've reached the point where that questions merits nothing more then the twitch of an eyebrow and a look of derision. Occasionally I ask them if they *really* deserve to know because I'm more than willing to 'prove it'. So far no one has had the cojones to take me up on my offer…

It colors how people interact with us, even on a daily basis. I continue to be surprised, for example, to find that some people I know were initially hesitant to approach me because of my auburn locks. People are either wary of, or attracted to, redheads. Prejudgement. I'm nice and polite – really!

There are certainly benefits to being a redhead. We can rarely pass unnoticed. The center of attention. I think, in some ways, we can 'get away' with some things that others couldn't.

Yes, having red hair is integral to my being. But it's not something that can be assumed, it’s not a façade that can be adopted or abandoned on a whim. True redheadedness is not only genes and a bit of a temper – it 's the accumulation of all the little things associated with surviving the journey.

Redheadedness isn't just a haircolor, it's a state of mind. - Chendra

2. What genres of literature, music, movies, etc do you enjoy? Where do you find your inspiration?

It depends upon my mood, I think. Musically, I've been known to listen to Jazz, the Cheiftains, Mozart, and Broadway show tunes all in a row. *grin* And I really will read just about anything – fiction, technical research stuff, Louis L'Amour, Shakespeare, Fantasy/SciFi, the back of cereal boxes… My favorite fictional hero ever is Dirk Pitt. I was crushed when he was retired. I'm a bit more selective about movies, and prefer to avoid slasher movies and most action / war movies. My favorite mindless-but-entertaining movie is Shanghi Noon. It used to be Big Trouble in Little China.

3. Turnabout is fair-play.... how would you fix the economy?

Ooooh – that's a toughie. I would have to pull out some of my old econ books to get all the details right. I will take some time to mull this one over…

4. What, if any, religious path do you follow? What led you to that path and made you decide it was right for you?

I am very non-religious actually. Not in the sense that I am against it, just that I don't follow any particular religion, and really feel no need to… have faith, as such.

I was raised a good little Irish Catholic girl, and spent many years in Catholic school. Roman Catholic school, at that. Catholic school does one of two things to a person – it either makes you a believer or a questioner. I guess my formal training as a scientist speaks to which fate befell me *grin*

I suppose if I got to choose a religion, I would choose Buddhism. Makes the most sense in terms of personal responsibility, worldview, and tolerance to me.

5. What attracted you to the SCA? What keeps you in the SCA?

I was all of 19 when I found the SCA. At that age the silly, romantic, little girl side of me was a bit stronger (but it's happy in the box now – really!), so all the pomp and ceremony and Arthurian type stuff really appealed *smile*

The thing that made me stay all those years ago was that I found a group of people who were just as intelligent as I – people who could keep up, and more importantly could challenge me. People who were *interesting* to talk to. One moment we could be discussing period pigmentation for 9th century Irish illuminated manuscripts, and the next the current political situation in the Middle East. Without missing a beat.

6. Zip then fasten, or fasten then zip?

Fasten, then zip.

(and just to turn things around, a bonus question...)
7. How often do you play strip poker?

Not often enough *grin*

-the redhead-

I can't fathom why anyone would dye their hair red. Would you put Budweiser in a Guinness bottle and expect people not to notice?
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