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Interview me, le cinquième

If you want me to interview you--post a comment that simply says, "Interview me."

Here are my answers to dyanearden's questions:

1. What is your favorite type of game to play?

Strategy games – Civilization, Risk, Chess (tho I'm awfully out of practice (read bad) right now) and the like. I have never been a fan of computer-based, first person shooters. I also like to play Backgammon and Monopoly. Don't get to play poker (strip or otherwise) much anymore. I used to have fun playing some of the original computer games.

2. What should somebody know who is planning on attending their first SCA event? Something other than the standard "you need garb, feast gear, and something to do."

Better to be quiet and learn, then make a fool of yourself. First impressions mean more than you think. Never be afraid to ask anyone at an event a question, and there are no stupid questions.

I would point out several people (including myself) they could shadow at their early events and ask questions of. We are all more than passingly familiar with showing new folks the ropes.

3. What food do you like to snack on?

Junk food! I'm baaaad with the junk food. My new favorite chip flavor is the rippled Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper from Boulder Chips (natch). But I will just as willingly snack on fresh berries as on junk food – they are just harder to keep in the house. I remember growing up between the mulberry trees, all the various berry bushes (blue, rasp, black, & straw), and the cherry trees we would just go outside with a bowl if we wanted a snack. I miss that.

4. Suppose someone in your life deserves an award. Who and what is the award? (Like "Best Mom", "Messiest Bedroom", "Best Kisser")

'Best Kisser' is *definitely* Duke Sean. I got a single kiss at Pennsic last year as a birthday present and was hard pressed to remain standing once we were done. *swoon*

'Most Argumentative' is Louie these days.

'Person Who Rocks the Most' is Victoria for taking me along with the crew to Germany in a few days.

5. What was the best letter (paper letter) you've ever received?

Ahh, there is no contest (tho I am cheating because I actually received this electronically instead of on paper, but the intent certainly fits)

Unto the Baroness Chendra, do Edouard and Genevieve, Prince and Princess of the Northlands send greetings,

We have not yet had the pleasure of meeting you, good Baroness, but it appears that We have business with you. As you know, Baron Michael of Aquitane is squired to His Highness, with all duties and responsibilities of a squire due his Knight and household, in times of War and Peace.

We have come to understand that Michael wishes to be your Champion, and thus requires Our release in this matter. Lucky you are, Your Excellency, as no truer man could be found for this role. A good Champion for you, he will make, as Michael possesses alone the strength and bravery of many men, yet his courtesy and manners are renowned, gentle enough for even the fairest lady. He possesses intelligence, honesty, and wit-- but more treasured than all those virtues, he possesses love. A love of his Knight, his Kingdom, and indeed, all those whom he cares for. You can have no better Champion to aid you in your causes, as the Baron Michael of Aquitane, who indeed possesses a heart of gold.

For these reasons, and for many more, We wish to grant Michael his wish, and release him from Our service, into yours, so that he may Champion all that you desire. Our only wish is that should We have dire need of him, We might be allowed to call upon him. Their Majesties, long may They live, have had a peaceful and glorious reign. But alas, our kingdom is not unfamiliar with War. 'Tis a threat encountered before, and We fear that We may encounter it again.... It is for this reason and this reason alone, that We would have need of Michael, but this is unlikely, as Their Majesties shall live forever...

Please enjoy the service and the talents of the good Baron Michael of Aquitane, and with Our blessing. He is a servant beyond compare, and a friend beyond measure.

Should you have any further needs, please do not hesitate to contact Us.

In Service to Ealdormere,
TRH Edouard & Genevieve

-the redhead-

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