-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Foreign Soil

Landed in Brussels this morning at 7 am.

Those little carts you can rent at airports in the US for $3 - $5 so you don't have to try to lug your huge piles of bags around? Are free here in Europe. Helpfulness and assistance - what a concept...

Customs was a breeze. Literally - they just looked at our little group and waved us through. Rented vans and we were off.

Got lost going to flat from the airport but we eventually made it to J**'s flat. Decided we were hungry, went and had raw meat (carpaccio - mmmm, protein...) for brunch, and then wandered around for a bit. I have already taken some interesting architectural photos.

It is, however, time for a nap, as I am still exhausted from the last few days in DC and now the whole flying-backward-in-time-for-7-hours thing. *yawn*
Tags: musings
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