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Back in Brussels

I will be backdating posts as I have time, and will also be posting pictures when I get back to the States, but thought I would at least throw posts about early this morning and such in while we are trying to straighten out the whole police thing.

One of the rental vans was broken into last night so now we have to go thru the whole rigmarole of dealing with that. Actually, I think my finest contribution to this situation will be to stay out of the way now - there are already too many cooks in the kitchen and some are a bit... emphatic about the situation. I completed the task I was given (take pictures), so it's all good. Better to just lie low and let the others handle the rest.

We were a goofy lot last night – poker, single malt, fun conversation, etc.

Krista and I (and eventually J*** and V******* as well) had an impromptu water tasting. Yes, I am a water snob. As a result of this, I basically didn't drink any water while we were in Germany – the bottled water we picked up there was not to my taste (not even close – it was nasty). When we went up to the little corner store here in Brussels last night we were a bit silly, and ended up purchasing a range of pricey (very!) bottled waters. Tho I did have an ulterior motive for this, which was to identify bottled waters that I *can* drink. Getting dehydrated in a foreign country is not a good thing, and drinking Coke for moisture is somewhat impractical. The rundown was as follows:

- Voss. From Norway. € 7,5 This was my number one pick. I really like this stuff, tastes a lot like Boulder Glacier water.
- OGO. Oxygenated water from Switzerland. € 2,5 Comes is a cute little blue, round bottle. Very interesting. I don't know how much the oxygen in the water did for me energy wise, but the process does make the water taste good. It's also fun to watch the bubbles and such. It does smell a bit like oxygen.
- Oxygizer. From Belgium. € 5,5 www.oxygizer.com I like this one a lot as well, another oxygenated water. Fun stuff really. The had a little blurb on the label in French (and German, Italian, and Dutch,). Need to translate it. Boisson à base d'eau minerale naturelle du Tyrol enriche d'un taux eleve d'oxygene pur contient 75 mg d'oxygene pur
- Gleneagles. From Scotland. € 8 My least favorite of the selections presented but I would certainly drink it.

When folks are on vacation we will do weird, outrageous things that we would never dream of doing in our regular, responsible lives...


Had fun playing poker last night/this morning. This morning, I guess, since we didn't start until midnight or so. And kept playing until 2:30 *grin* A good time was had by all, I hope. We (me, Krista, Victoria, John, Korwyn, Jim, Fiacha) got to all sit around the table with a bit of a cool breeze, a selection of fairly decent single malts, some 89% dark chocolate, fun people, and good conversation.

We played using a mix of dollars and Euros, so sometimes both coin recognition and math got a little amusing Especially as the evening wore on. I finally resorted to waving coins around and letting the others tell me what change to take back out of the pot *grin* Yes, it was lame – but it worked. Texan Hold 'em was a learning experience (and a fun game), but we also played the standard sort of 5-card Draw and 7-card Stud games as well. I won a couple of hands, but managed to donate most of my original stake. K***** was on a roll, and J*** was pretty hot as well. During the poker game we also had a variety of single malt – more on that later.

Guts was definitely the high point of the evening. It's a very interesting card game, as follows

- each player is dealt 2 cards down
- dealer says '1 2 3 Guts' and all players either hold or fold simultaneously
- winner gets the pot, losers each have to match what the pot was
- if only 1 person holds then they must beat the ghost hand drawn off the top of the deck
- if everyone folds, pot carries over and they must ante again

So the pot in this game can get pretty healthy fairly quickly. At one point the pot was almost $30, and we were all sweating a bit. J*** was the only one to hold on the final round of the game, so he had to beat the ghost hand. There was a big sigh of relief when he pulled it off *grin* Fun stuff.


Did a bit of single malt tasting as well last night. I was more than a bit disappointed in the Bowmore 21 – it was very young for it's age. Flat, only really had 2 notes (even after the addition of a couple of drops of water to release it's bouquet), and was a bit harsh, really. Had good legs and came in a very nice box, tho. I don't think I'd spend the money to buy more of it.

The Glenmorangie 10 year is a nice, everyday single malt, tho I personally prefer to keep a bottle of the 17 around for daily stuff instead. The Glenmorangie 1975 was, as expected, lovely *smile* Rich, smooth, good bouquet, lots of dept, etc. I could get used to drinking that on a daily basis.

My only other note for the morning is the thought that when other people are sleeping it is, perhaps, gracious to allow them to do so. A far better choice than stomping around their sleeping area because one is awake before the rest of the crew.

-the redhead-
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