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Things *I* need to know...

...about me.

Things I need to know about me

1. There are days when I wish I just looked like everyone else – lots of days.
2. That usually goes along with the days I wish I weren’t a redhead.
3. I’ve never outgrown being the ugly kid.
4. I’m a romantic. It’s a dangerous thing. This needs to stay locked up in one of the little boxes in my head.
5. I can be far too analytical.
6. I can be emotional, but that lives in a little box too. Maybe it’s okay to let it out once in awhile
7. I need to remember to eat – and eat better things when I do.
8. I shouldn’t weigh less than 130 lbs. I begin to look like a scarecrow then.
9. I should not be so polite all the time.
10. I need to stop being the helper/protector all the time.
11. My fear, anger, and stress come out when I sleep – need a new biteplate now. There has to be something to do about this.
12. I am incredibly shy.
13. I need to be less conservative. Fun is goodness.
14. There’s nothing wrong with being intelligent.
15. Need to work on the trust thing.
16. It’s okay to write poetry when you’re not drunk too.
17. I wish I could be one of those cute, bubbly girls
18. I was really really flattered when that pretty blonde model gal hit on me at Pennsic. And a little regretful I had to go model and didn’t get a chance to do anything about it
19. It’s okay to be important.
20. It’s okay to make people stick to your plans instead of being polite and giving in.
21. Should try dating people more casually. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound right. *grumble*
22. I need to lower the bar for people I will date. It’s too restrictive.
23. Falling in love with people is questionable. But maybe it’s okay?
24. Not everyone will punish you.
25. Even old dogs can learn new tricks – if you smack them on the nose enough with a stick. This can be a good thing and this can be a bad thing.
26. I should be less reserved – which is really just a function of being shy anyways
27. I really am worth at least the dollar for a phone call… And more than just a paycheck too.
28. If people don’t have time for you or cannot make the effort, then they just are not worth it
29. I’ve been accused of being ‘reserved’, ‘elegant’, ‘mysterious’, and ‘intimidating’ lately. And then people seem all surprised that I’m not when they get to know me. What’s up with that?
30. I worry a lot that I’m letting people down. Why?
31. Walls are good, but there should be doors. Heavily fortified doors, but still…


What else do I need to know about me?
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