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06 July 2003 @ 07:58 pm
Creepy Weirdness, part 2  
Whatever happened to basic politeness?? Socially acceptable behavior?

Wow - I've discovered that in this digital day and age basic politeness has gone *completely* out the the window. Apparently it's normal operating procedure to hunt people down and gather as much information as possible based on a mere interest. To spend hours doing this sort of thing. To follow not a single link that might indicate a bit of intrigue, but to follow dozens, amassing as much data as possible. After exchanging on the order of 15 words with the person in question.

Even scarier is that it seems a bunch of people see no problem with this approach...


Perhaps I was raised in a more genteel and enlightened manner. This isn't how it works in my world.

(see comments for thread (and replies) started by the person who behaved in this manner)

-the redhead-
...thinking the full background check idea might be acceptable after all...
-the redhead-theredhead on July 6th, 2003 07:19 pm (UTC)
Sunday July 6, 2003
3:34:06 AM PDT

One simple rule to follow: NEVER, NEVER, !N!E!V!E!R! give your real name and address on any website that you don't trust. Never post it in a newsgroup, never post it on a message board. I regularly search for myself, and I have never found a reference to me. (Well, I've found references to my name, but when I go that route, I'm a helluva basketball player, a really bad punk vocalist, a decent college football player, a minor league baseball player, CEO of a corporation, actor, and I've died several different ways. None of which describe me. Now, on the other hand, my pseudonym has shown up dozens of times in places I recognize, and I'm relatively careful with that as well.)If you emailed me with all my info, I'd probably get really, *REALLY* paranoid and buy a gun. But, as I said, me as ME is nowhere to be found on the net.

Anyhoo... Enough ranting. You did a good thing, S**, but I'd be pretty worried if I were her. *shrug* hope it all works out.