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06 July 2003 @ 07:58 pm
Creepy Weirdness, part 2  
Whatever happened to basic politeness?? Socially acceptable behavior?

Wow - I've discovered that in this digital day and age basic politeness has gone *completely* out the the window. Apparently it's normal operating procedure to hunt people down and gather as much information as possible based on a mere interest. To spend hours doing this sort of thing. To follow not a single link that might indicate a bit of intrigue, but to follow dozens, amassing as much data as possible. After exchanging on the order of 15 words with the person in question.

Even scarier is that it seems a bunch of people see no problem with this approach...


Perhaps I was raised in a more genteel and enlightened manner. This isn't how it works in my world.

(see comments for thread (and replies) started by the person who behaved in this manner)

-the redhead-
...thinking the full background check idea might be acceptable after all...
-the redhead-theredhead on July 7th, 2003 09:20 am (UTC)
Yup *nod* I guess it boils down to it's acceptable because it's possible.

Oh yeah, and *his* misbehavior is *my* fault because the information was available (tho scattered amongst a variety of places, each of which he had to visit seperately). Nice to know that community is so willing to blindly support 'their own'.

I'm glad that I live in a more civilized world than they do.

Another installment from that thread:

Monday July 7, 2003
8:38:21 AM PDT

I still say No mater why the search happend.....If the Woman did not want her info found. DONT PUT IT ON A WEB PAGE. I mean DDDDUUUHHHH!!!!! It dose not need to be some one on this sight looking it could be ANY one in the world. and it dose not need to be for stalking it could be for Identatie theft! S** Is a Sweet guy. Cuirosity got the best of him. lol But its not His falt the info was on the web to find!!! Many people have Home pages Shoot I do but I dont have My personal Info On it! He came forward and told this woman as soon as he found it....Would she rather he just not say....then find out later and then Really be P/Oed and say why did you not tell me this right way!! I know she rather he dident look in the first place. but he did....so it was eather tell now and risk her hating him or wate till later and get the SAME responce!the Damed if you do Damed if you dont! Some times you just cant win with women no mater what you do!


-the redhead-
...hopes no one minds the complete criminal, financial, medical, and background checks I will be conducting before I speak to any of you...