-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

It's July!!

It's July!! My favorite thing in the entire world is in season *grin* Time to call and order some dark chocolate covered raspberries *swoon* Those people at work are *insane* if they think I'm going to share with them...

Started new position at work today. I think I will like it more than previous position *nod* But it has caused unrest in the department, as certain people do not think their butt is being sufficiently kissed anymore. Well yanno what? They can do their own work now.

Doctor's appointment for the wrist injury tomorrow morning (9:50am - remember to leave work on time). I'm tired of the wrist hurting and hand going numb. At least the swelling has gone down some. It's been hard to sleep since last week. Hopefully they can do something about it. Also having mole checked.

Not going to get vacation in August after all. Finances simply won't permit it. Ah well, didn't really want to go alone, and there's always next year.

Housemate broke one of my vases today. Vase that came with flowers from C****. Debating how to feel about this. Do not want to have reaction be based on work stress.

Time to work on the headboard some more... Eventually I'll get the danged thing done!

-the redhead-
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