-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Doctor stuff

Results of trip to Dr's office

- have the wrists of a 12 year old.

- possible small tear in wrist + tendonitis. Wrist brace, Vioxx, don't lift anything heavy, yadda for 2 weeks.

- mole is fine. Can have it removed if I want, but it's not skin cancer of any kind. Just a mole.

- gained 5 lbs over last 3+ months *frown* Up to BMI of 22, instead of 21. Dr. thinks this is fine, and has forbidden me to lose anymore than that 5 lbs at most.

- standard stuff - sleep more, eat better, don't be a perfectionist, lower self-imposed stress levels, if situations are making you unhappy then just ditch them, try yoga, get out of house more.

-the redhead-
Tags: workout
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