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26 July 2003 @ 07:06 pm
On being 'intellectual'  
Something that I posted today in another place. In response to someone who was dropped as an acquaintance 'because they just found out that my education level isn't as high as theirs and they can only be with 'intellectual' people.'

Dissing people simply on the basis of educational achievement is... silly to say the least. Shortsighted. Elitist. I could go on.

People are *who* and *what* they are, not merely the sum total of scraps of paper that hang on the wall.

There are lots of factors that effect the ability of an individual to participate in higher education. I've been caught in one or two of them myself. Was I any less 'intellectual' before I went back to school as a 'non traditional' student? Hmmm - had the same IQ before as after.

School is school. Intelligence is intelligence. Smarts (which are different from intelligence) are smarts. One is not dependent upon the other. Yes, perhaps school relays additional knowledge and might provide a broader framework of common experience, interest and more topics of conversation, but schooling in and of itself does not 'make' people 'intellectual'.

I went to the same school as Our Peerless Leader (tm), and I wouldn't refer to him as 'intellectual'...

Hang in there.

-the redhead-
ex_viator895 on July 27th, 2003 07:39 am (UTC)
I have read you for awhile, and though I'm sure I could argue your intelligence in regards to some, I could do the same with myself so I won't. What I feel is beyond argument is your willingness to learn, understand, and listen. That is much better than intelligence because, as I'm sure you noticed, "intellectuals" tend not to want to advance their intellect, only keep it exactly where it is, as if it was some pristine jewel never to be touched or, dare I say, improved upon.