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27 July 2003 @ 07:26 pm
Input wanted - Was I not being friendly and polite??  
Had this convo today. Was trying very hard to be friendly and polite and such.

Was it wrong or unreasonable to express my preference?!? Was I rude about it? I even said 'thanks'.

There are days when I shouldn't even bother opening my bloody mouth...

-the redhead-

[15:46] theredhead: so I take it from your earlier message you arrived safely
[15:46] theredhead: hopefully your luggage did as well
[15:46] ******: mmmmhm.
[15:46] ******: right now I am lying naked in the hot tub in my room
[15:46] ******: very very relaxing after a busy day
[15:47] theredhead: have a lovely time :)
[15:47] theredhead: I didn't really need to know the naked part - thanks
[15:48] theredhead: glad yiu are enjoying yourself
[15:48] theredhead: have a nice evening
[15:49] ******: why? It's true.
[15:49] ******: ok, I'm wearing my suit in the hot tub
[15:49] ******: after a day in the sun it is very tranquil.
[15:50] ******: need to get it dry cleaned anyway
[15:50] theredhead: yes, lots of things are true
[15:50] theredhead: doesn;t mean they are necessarily appropriate
[15:50] theredhead: I'm glad yu are having a lovely time
[15:50] theredhead: :)
[15:50] ******: *snort*
[15:51] ******: anyway, what's up with the lyrics and such on your journal?
[15:51] theredhead: so, what did you do today besides the plane trip?
[15:51] theredhead: hopefully fun stuff
[15:51] theredhead: of course, almost anything is more fun than a plane ride
[15:54] theredhead: maybe you will get to go out tonight? That would be fun :)
[15:56] theredhead: lots and lots of fun stuff to do in *********
[15:56] ******: perhaps
[15:57] theredhead: hmmm - I sense that your connection has dropped - oh well
[15:57] theredhead: ah - it hasn;t
[15:57] theredhead: well thats nice that it is working for you :)
[15:57] ******: yep
[15:58] theredhead: :)
[16:01] theredhead: well I do hope you got to do something more entertaining than fly today, and have fun with your fellow ******* or some such tonight
[16:01] theredhead: must be nice to be surrounded by like minded people :)
[16:03] theredhead: hmm - I don't think you are getting my messages, as AIM thinks you keep coming back repeatedly
[16:03] ******: mmmm here
[16:04] ******: naah, just took a shower and now am drying on bed
[16:04] theredhead: ah
[16:05] ******: prolly dropped on the way out
[16:05] ******: anyway
[16:05] theredhead: I didn't really need to know that either - thanks
[16:06] ******: um. i talk like that to friends all the time
[16:06] ******: is this how you talk to friends?
[16:07] theredhead: my friends do not usually tell me they are naked twice in an otherwise nonexistant conversation
[16:07] ******: really?
[16:08] theredhead: yes, really - most people don;t tell random people that
[16:08] theredhead: but that;s fine, I would prefer that you didn't
[16:09] theredhead: anyways, glad you got there safe, hope you have your luggage, hope you are enjoying yourself and have done some fun things already
[16:09] ******: I see. So I am to consider you "random people"
[16:09] ******: got it.
[16:09] theredhead: no, I said that I would prefer that you did not share that with me - thanks
[16:09] ******: No, you said "- most people don;t tell random people that"
[16:10] theredhead: I hope that you get your fill of ************ - I know that it will be enjoyable for you :)
[16:10] ******: Well, if I'm going to get criticized/corrected for every third thing I say then I will simply be quiet.
[16:10] ******: right.
[16:11] theredhead: yanno - it's less than useless for me to try to have a pleasant conversation with you
[16:12] theredhead: I have tried to be friendly and pleasant and ask you about your day
[16:12] ******: I feel the same way. I ask you about your life and get deflected.
[16:12] theredhead: I have also tried to explain my preferences to you
[16:12] ******: I chat with you and you criticize.
[16:12] theredhead: oh - so we are still on the topic yesterday
[16:12] theredhead: I understand now
[16:12] ******: Ah.
[16:13] theredhead: well, I have asked you repeatedly in the conversation about your flight, yiur day, do you have yiur luggage
[16:13] theredhead: and have repeatedly wished you to have a lovely time
[16:13] theredhead: that waqs a question - you are the one who seems stuck on it
[16:13] ******: Yes, but it does seem to be like talking to someone who is not quite you.
[16:14] theredhead: expressing my preference that you not tell me yiu are naked repeatedly is not criticism nor is it unreasonable
[16:14] ******: Not quite. However I have noticed that you hop on people quite quickly.
[16:14] ******: I see.
[16:15] ******: Well, I had a lovely day walking around, saw lots of sights, and now am sitting in my room before the evening.
[16:15] theredhead: tell you what - I will chalk this all up to the fact that you are unfortunately having a bad day
[16:15] theredhead: I hope yiur evening is better than yiur day appears to have been
[16:15] ******: I should and do chalk things up to the same.
[16:15] theredhead: and perhaps we can speak another time when yiu are feeling better
[16:15] ******: Redhead, don't sit here and blame lack of communication on me.
[16:16] ******: Oddly enough, I feel fine.
[16:16] theredhead: no, actually I had a nice day and I was trying to have a nice, friendly conversation with you
[16:16] ******: Bit tired, but fine.
[16:16] theredhead: I tried very very hard
[16:16] ******: Then why wouldn't you say so?
[16:16] theredhead: but apparent;ly to little avail
[16:16] theredhead: you did not ask about my day
[16:16] theredhead: you asked about something else
[16:16] ******: Ah correct. I did.
[16:16] ******: Damn.
[16:16] theredhead: and I refuse to sit here and try to justify that I have been polite and reaosnab;le and friendly
[16:17] ******: You're right. My apology.
[16:17] theredhead: so perhaps we can speak another time when you are in a more congenial mood
[16:17] ******: Then why do I feel otherwise?
[16:17] theredhead: I hope that you evening is better and I wish you well
[16:17] ******: goodbye Redhead. I hope your evening goes well.
Sylver Wolfsylverwolf on July 27th, 2003 07:13 pm (UTC)
You wanted to know what I think.
I think that after your first comment of not needing to know said person was naked, that said person should have dropped it and left it at that.
I also think that you were Both ignoring questions about how the day went(he did ask about your journal, and you were asking about his flight and day).
And I think you both got annoyed with each other after a bit of that and started boardering on being barely civil.