-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Nice day in Boulder

It was a lovely summer day in Boulder - 85, sunny, a nice breeze, and then a bit of a rain shower in the afternoon to cool things off for the evening.

The lunchtime power walk was the best one yet - not too hot, enough of a breeze to cool us off. We completed out 3 miles 5 minutes more quickly than normal, even including the extra loop. Of course it helped that the slow people (my boss and a co-worker) weren't along. T**** pushed the pace and I kept up quite handily.

It was a good day at work too - I accomplished a great deal and we had a few giggles during the day. Only one meeting fraught with undertones, but those involved managed to keep a rein on their tempers. Not that we accomplished anything in said meeting, but it could have been much worse.

Had a egg/potato/cheese burrito for breakfast and a Luna bar for lunch. A liter of water during the day as well. A pint of blueberries for dinner will top it off nicely.

Big discussion about boyfriends and husbands this afternoon, as M****'s long-time mate sent her flowers yet again. So of course she had to tease the rest of us. I tried to hide in my little cube, but was forcibly drawn into the conversation at one point. Admitting that I had no one truly special was a bit disheartening. But M***** offered 'to beat those stupid men up' for me, and we all had fun with that. Then I got the lecture on how I have to go out more, which was amusing. Dating tips from co-workers can be kinda scary.

Need to decide what to do for the birthday. I'm thinking hiding out will be a good option. Maybe I will take myself to the movies or something. It sucks when you cannot even buy yourself a present...

Got to talk to Peggy a bit this afternoon, which was very nice. More on that to follow.

*ramble* *ramble* *ramble*

Am having fun with the Thought of the Moment toy here on LJ.

Time to go play with the wood.

-the redhead-
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