-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

The Ancient Art of Sha-Ping

I engaged in the ancient art of sha-ping today.

Ann Taylor size 6 *nod*

It's goodness. 50% off - w00t! Now all I need is a place to *wear* little black dress and stylin' red coat...

Got some bedroom stuff - sheets and comforter cover and ruffle and such - all matching ivory and sand and sage. Also goodness. Stared at towels and drapey things for awile. Bed Bath & Beyond is a dangerous dangerous place.

Oh yeah, got navel pierced. For the record I didn't even squeeze Jess' hand. So you buncha doubters can bite me.

-the redhead-

there is that legendary wild streak; but we aren't filled with a wildness that is dangerous in an insane, impudent, thoughtless way. no, the wildness that flows so freely through our persona is an essence that is magical. it's a part of our mystery; an allure that haunts your mind….
-Yolonda S. Sanchez, on redheads
Tags: musings, quotes
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