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So I had someone ask me what I dream about a few days ago, and have been trying to pay attention to them.

Not good, not good at all *frown* They only seem to be about things that I want or need. Safety, a place to live, a new job, dishes (of all things)...

Why is it that my stress, fear, and anger come out in my sleep?

The one that seems to be the most frequent is the kiss dream. That's all it is, really. Just a kiss. Don't know who or why or what have you, as is the nature of dreams. I need to get over this - not gonna happen.

And then there's the nightmares...

At 3am this morning I startled awake curled into a ball, lost, afraid, staring into the darkness, my pillow wet with tears. Alone. Again. BritBoy. Again. Didn't make it back to sleep. I need to get over this too - he made his opinion of me all to clear with his actions.

I used to be tougher than this - need to work on this too.

So I wonder if I can have myself hypnotized out of this?

A much better option than the stupid pills. I don't want to take the stupid pills - it's just... the easy way out I guess. Hate pills too. Don't understand why Dr. gave them to me in the first place, but didn't want to argue. I'll have to check into it sometime this week.

-the redhead-
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