-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

If I have to read anymore about SOA or COSO or COBIT or ISO or audits or any of this other crap I'm going to go crazy!!

V*******, you had better love me bunches and bunches!!

*needs Advil*

List of my demands:

- 2 headsets (one cell, one home)
- company pays my cell bills
- new laptop (ha!)
- redo my resume for me
- leads for people who want to refinance
- massage for my butt which has fallen asleep as I sit here working on this
- neck massage too
- dinner twice a week (had beans for dinner, too busy to go to store)
- new york cheesecake with raspberry sauce
- a pat on the head
- real, live hugs

yeah, yeah, I'm just rambling. Pay me no mind...

*firmly places nose on grindstone*

-the redhead-
...who notes that dark chocolate covered blackberries will soon be at Bissingers...
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