-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

notes for talking with Chris

- 4 weekends a year is 3% of the time

- read many of the words and think about them

- your only fuckup was not trying to manage the relationship
- didn't listen to me
- didn't respect what I was saying, thinking, feeling

- you talk about not liking to be in boxes and are proud of how you pop out of them, you diss me for having boxes, but you want to put me in a very small and limited box

- you want when you want and what you want, but be wanting some of the smae things is unreasonable - ie. you sent me an email wanting me to call from bloody Brussels, but you don't call me now? You say your preferred form of communication is words on a screen?

- you want me to tell you things (tell me tell me tell me), you want to know my thoughts and feelings, you want full disclosure, but you told me that you 'weren't hirt, just like surpised' by 4th of July weekend and then seemed surprised and hurt when I believed you?

- you want to know things right away, but take weeks to 'think about things'.

- you want me to tell you all sorts of things, but in return I hear 'I'm listening'?
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